The digital repository of Medina Research and Studies Center

The Digital Repository of Medina Research and Studies Center (MRSC) is the first institutional digital repository specializing in research on the history and characteristics of Medina region, where it displays all the books issued by MRSC in addition to scientific research published in the Journal of Medina Research and Studies Center (Refereed) since its first issue.

The repository currently has two main sections. The first, is dedicated to books published by MRSC, the second, is dedicated to MRSC’s refereed journal researches.

The researcher can view the description of any edition, with the summary, in addition to its main topics, where the digital repository is characterized by indexing all content according to accurate scientific criteria, and researcher will be able to download any research as a PDF file.

The repository also provides access to scientific content through several entries, whether by public search, search by title, subject, author, or year of release, as well as the ability of filtering search results through different filters.

It should be noted that the repository is characterized by a classification tree of topics covered by books and published research, hierarchically arranged, presented under each subject of books and related research.


All Medina Research and Studies Center publications found through the digital repository is for scientific research and research support purposes, therefore it is forbidden to republish any material issued by MRSC including, scientific letters, books, research, maps, photographs, manuscripts, or documents via print, audio or visual media except with the written permission from MRSC, and MRSC has the right to sue those who violate these terms and conditions!